5 Things That can Boost Results in Non-Profit Website Design

5 Things That can Boost Results in Non-Profit Website Design

non-profit-designWhen it comes to designing websites for non-profits, there are a few elements that should always be included to maximize the effectiveness of the organization. While not every element listed here will benefit every type of non-profit program, websites that accept donations and payments or try to increase awareness through mailers and memberships will gain an advantage by using these techniques.

Through professional, yet affordable web design, and a knowledge of the target audience that you are trying to reach, you will be able to boost your results by using the methods listed in this article. Some people might say that finding and marketing to potential donors in a downturn economy is rough, and they might be correct, but with the right tools on your side and a brand new, custom non-profit website design, you can get yourself an edge over other competing organizations.

#1 – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

…and sometimes an increased donation! The truth is that pictures create images in our minds and for a non-profit organization that depends on the support of others to keep their program running and the doors open, images are important. Whether your non-profit collects donations to support an animal rescue center, wildlife sanctuary or homeless shelter, the people who will give you money to keep doing the work that you are doing are more apt to donate if they can see an example of your work. Some websites rely on sad pictures of puppy dogs in desperate need of food and medical attention to prompt donations, but studies show that before-and-after photos of rescued pets and even “happy” photos of dogs cleaned up and placed in foster care will out-perform sad and desperate photos any day. Think carefully about the images that you use on your website and measure the effectiveness of them to gauge the response of your target demographic.

#2 – What Your Dollar Can Do…

Marketing analysis of successful non-profit website design has shown that programs who give potential donors a clear idea of what their money can accomplish are more likely to get bigger donations than websites that just ask for funds in general. For example, a homeless shelter website might post that $10 can purchase 10 meals, $20 can purchase 20 meals and that $50 can feed a person in the shelter for a full month. When people know what they are getting for their investment, they are more likely to increase the amount of money that they donate and feel good about the work that their money is doing for the cause. Work directly with your affordable web design and development team to integrate unique ways to market for and to accept donations and payments easily on your website.

#3 – An Open and Friendly Dialogue…

Connecting with your potential donors is a great way to increase donations and activity on websites for non-profits. A daily or weekly blog that shares updates on the work that you are doing, includes photos of hands-on efforts at your organization or out in the field, or offers details about things that the group was able to do because of recent donation drives or special events will help to boost interest and collected funds. Not only does a blog allow you the opportunity to give a voice to your cause, but it also helps you to connect with your potential donors and members in a whole new way. Regularly updated content also helps your website to be more relevant and get better listings in the search engines, while showing visitors that someone is maintaining the website on a daily or weekly basis.

#4 – Make It Easy to Donate…

In many instances, making a donation to a non-profit organization is an emotional response. When people are moved to help others or support a program that does good work within the community or other parts of the world, it is important to give them access to your donation page right away. Make sure to include links directly to your donation page so you can accept donations and payments quickly and easily. Also, work directly with your affordable web design company to find out about industry solutions that can be used to make the donation, support or membership portion of your website more effective. Big buttons that say “donate” are great, but just make sure that you have done everything you can in your non-profit website design to make it simple, straight-forward and easy to donate.

#5 – Opportunities to Share Your Website…

Word of mouth is still the best means of marketing, regardless of what it is that you are selling. Taking advantage of the word of mouth opportunities that come with social media marketing can be a great way to get new visitors to your websites for non-profits to see what your organization is all about. Consider adding a daily photo or video to your Facebook page and invite your supporters to follow you on social media and share your posts with friends and family. For example, a wild animal rescue non-profit organization could post photos of the animals they have rescued with cute or informative captions that will get people talking. Once the images are posted, shared and liked by other Facebook users, traffic will begin to flow into your page and onto your website. Your non-profit website design should also include social medial icons and opportunities for visitors to share your posts, donation requests and other fund-raising features with others.

Affordable Web Design for Non-Profits at SouthCoast Internet

Since 1999, SouthCoast Internet has been working with non-profit organizations to create websites and industry solutions that allow them to accept donations and payments in a professional and secure manner. Through our CharityFly service that we developed specifically for use by non-profits, you can integrate forms for donations, memberships and ticket sales seamlessly and effortlessly into websites for non-profits to maximize your earning potential. To find out more about our non-profit website design and industry solution services, give us a call at 1-844-438-9323 or email us via info@southcoastinternet.com.

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