E-Commerce Solutions: Is It Time to Design a New Website?

E-Commerce Solutions: Is It Time to Design a New Website?

website-redesignIt can be overwhelming to think about website redesign, especially if you have a large website that requires a lot of strategic planning. When a customer or prospective customer visits your website, it is often the first time that they become aware of your company brand. Small stores, medium businesses and even large corporations – it doesn’t matter – all are judged using the same criteria, based upon the first impression that a consumer has when they visit a website.

Some studies say that a person makes a decision within 30 seconds of viewing a webpage, while other data suggests that the impression is made within a fraction of that time. Whatever the case, it is more important than ever for today’s businesses to work with web design professionals to create a positive first impression. If you already have a website and are thinking about hiring a pro to design a new website to increase traffic and boost business, take a look at some of the reasons why many businesses are taking the plunge and turning to new technology and innovative e-commerce solutions through quality website redesign.

Moving in a New Direction

One of the most common reasons why business owners hire web design professionals to design a new website is because they are now moving in a new direction. A business that started out primarily providing services to local consumers that has started selling more parts and related items online might want to capitalize on that new consumer growth. Instead of pages and pages dedicated to the services that your team provides, you would likely benefit from e-commerce solutions that allow you to showcase and sell your product line on your website.

Before you jump head-on into a website redesign, make sure to take some time to consider the purpose and goals of your new website. When you hire a developer to take on your project, make sure that they will design a new website that will help you to achieve these goals. E-commerce solutions, such as shopping carts, customer service centers, FAQ pages and other helpful features, will all increase the performance of your website and help you to boost your sales. Make sure that you work with your marketing department, sales team and customer service agents to ensure that every important area that might be a cause for concern with your target audience is addressed.

Outdated or Broken Elements

Every once in awhile our design team comes across a website that has been severely neglected. Sadly, while it looks abandoned, there is a company behind it that is desperately wondering why their website is no longer effective. Design trends change, technology changes, the demands of consumers evolve and as a business owner with a website, it is important for you to keep up with the times. Links that no longer work, email addresses that are broken, outdated company photos that include people who no longer work at your office – these are just some of the more basic elements that would benefit from website redesign.

When you take the time to design a new website, you gain the opportunity to update your company logo to something more modern and slick, incorporate your company colors, style and theme throughout the page, as well as explore new ways to promote your business to your customers. E-commerce solutions have changed a lot just in the past couple of years, so it is important to make sure that everything is still functional and secure so your customers can actually use the website to make purchases or place orders for service. Web design professionals will help you make sure that your site is accessible, easy to navigate and compliant with the latest versions of software, browsers and operating systems.

Keeping Up with the Joneses

If one of your primary competitors just did a website redesign that’s got everyone in the industry talking, it’s time to design a new website. While you might not lose your loyal and long-term customers, a brand new website that is filled with interactive features and exciting e-commerce solutions might cost you some sales. While you don’t need to hire web design professionals to re-tool your website every time a competitor makes a change, you will need to at least make some basic adjustments if you start losing business or see your listings fall down too far in the ranks.

Take some time to see what your competitor is doing better than you and then consult with your designer about things you could do to make valuable improvements. Sometimes just a small website redesign to a couple of key areas can make all the difference, but if you haven’t done an upgrade in awhile, you might want to consider a complete overhaul and make plans to design a new website.

SouthCoast Internet is the Solution

Our team will go through your current website with you to find out what your goals are and to determine whether a website redesign is right for your business. If you are thinking about adding new e-commerce solutions, want to design a new website or if you have any questions about our professional design and development services, call SouthCoast Internet toll-free at 1-844-438-9323 or email the team directly at info@southcoastinternet.com.

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