Email Marketing: Developing a Strategic Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing: Developing a Strategic Marketing Campaign

email-marketingSometimes the best way to reach your target demographic is to use a tried and trusted means for marketing your professional website. Email marketing is just as effective today as it was five or ten years ago. In fact, some studies have even revealed that it is more effective at getting customers to come back to a website to make another purchase than any other method currently available. Through the use of a carefully crafted custom mailer template, a well-planned opt-in mailing list opportunity and some well-written newsletters and ad copy, it is possible to increase traffic and sales without investing a lot of time and money.

Why Email Marketing Works

One of the biggest reasons why email marketing has remained so successful is that consumers know that they are in control. They opt-in to the mailing list when they visit a shopping website, service program or other type of online organization. As part of the CAN-SPAM Act compliance, professional email newsletters and mailers also have an opt-out link at the bottom of every email that they send, giving the consumer the freedom to quit receiving emails if they ever become annoyed.

Unlike spam emails, which can quickly flood an inbox and overwhelm the recipient, these opt-in newsletters are part of a strategic marketing campaign designed to offer something useful to consumers, while giving business owners and marketers an opportunity to boost their business. Even if you already have a healthy marketing campaign and a high-performance professional website, you can always increase your traffic and kick start return customer visits through the use of an effective email marketing service.

Show Me the Numbers

Well this sounds all well and good, you might be thinking to yourself, but what do the statistics say about email marketing? A recent study conducted using mobile smartphone and tablet users revealed that even mobile email marketing has achieved a 51 percent open rate. What this shows is that people are still reading and clicking on emails – even via mobile devices. The 51 percent open rate shows that more than half of all mobile email recipients are clicking through on the custom mailer template to view the products, services or offers that are featured in the mailer.

With regard to desktop users, who are regularly inundated with spam emails more than any other type of user, the average open rate for opt-in email marketing as part of a strategic marketing campaign from known websites is still hanging in there at 29 percent. Click-throughs on opened emails are not as high as they once were, but are still higher than most other types of advertising, checking in at nearly 5 percent. As more marketers return to email marketing for their professional website properties, these numbers are sure to increase.

New Strategies for Email Marketing

There are many types of marketing that integrate an old school method with new ideas or technologies. Many marketers are experimenting with their email marketing campaigns to find new ways to boost open and click statistics. Testing your ideas and checking stats to see what methods work best with your own in-house strategic marketing campaign and unique traffic base will always yield the biggest results.

Some of the strategies employed by top marketers include:

  • Relevant Subject Lines – Gone are the days when “Hey you – open this email!” was a effective subject line strategy. Take advantage of the opportunity provided with the subject line portion of your email marketing campaign to include relevant information about the products, services or offers contained within the email to increase opens and clicks.
  • Call to Action – Every type of marketing that you do today should include a call to action, a strategic method for getting recipients to open emails, click links within emails and come to your website for more information. Sometimes just a simple “click here for more” will work, but the more creative and straight-forward you can be about the purpose behind the action, the better your results will be.
  • Custom Mailer Template – It is important to take every single opportunity to brand your business whenever possible. A custom mailer template for your professional website marketing campaign can help recipients to instantly identify your company name and logo, increasing the chances that they will trust your mailer, open it, read it and possibly click on it to visit your website.
  • Strategic Sending Times – With a little bit of testing and understanding about your target demographic, you will be able to determine what day of the week and what time of day is best for sending your marketing mailers and newsletters to your opt-in recipients. Part of a strategic marketing campaign is learning as much as you can about the habits, actions and reactions of your target audience. If your newsletters get opened more on a Tuesday than they do on a Thursday, adjusting your sending habits accordingly for best results.

Create a Professional Email Marketing Campaign Today!

SouthCoast Internet can help you develop a custom mailer template and launch a strategic marketing campaign using our email marketing service. Reach out to your former and current customers to share news with them about new offerings and opportunities through tried and true email marketing campaigns. To find out more about all of the options available through our email marketing services, give us a call at 1-844-438- 9323 or email the team at SouthCoast Internet directly via

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