Real Estate Tools

SouthCoast Internet provides industry solutions for real estate agents and agencies that can be used to streamline the search process for prospective buyers and allow agents to showcase listings via our powerful property search technology.

The system that we have developed allows for quick and professional integration with MLS listings in your local area or region, allowing instant access to the latest and most current information. This data loads to your website in real-time, giving agents more time to show properties and makes sales.

How Does It Work?

Our real estate industry solutions work as an amazing lead-generator, helping you to contact prospective buyers about homes that are listed with your agency quickly and effectively.

Clients and prospects simply create a free account and make searches of property listings through the program. Searches can be saved, added to favorite lists and can even be notified if changes are made or new listings are added.

Full monitoring and access to member activity is provided, giving agents insight into the price ranges, locations and amenities that the prospects are interested in most.   Email addresses and other contact info can also be gathered to help agents make contact with prospects when an ideal property listing is available.

Working With Us

Take a look at just a few of the real estate websites we’ve made recently.

If your real estate company would like to show your listings online, contact us and we can help you get it setup.

Local Real Estate Search

While there are many nationwide real estate websites available for prospects to use to search out properties, studies show that most consumers prefer to use a localized search tool because they are hoping for better and more targeted results. Our MLS search tool helps you to achieve that goal and helps you to connect your prospective site visitors with clients who are selling properties in the area that meet their criteria.

SouthCoast Internet’s real estate industry solutions make it easy for you to boost sales, while increasing credibility and reliability within the local market. A personalized iPhone app is included with this solution for visitors to use while they are out exploring the area, looking at local homes.

To find out more about this industry solution or to see our MLS search technology in-action, visit R.P. Valois Real Estate. For a guided tour of how this real estate marketing system can be put to work for you and your real estate business, give us a call at 1-844-438-9323 or email us direct via info@southcoastinternet. com.

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