Search Engine Optimization is Good Web Development Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is Good Web Development Strategy

search-engine-strategyThings have really changed in the world of search engine optimization or SEO. However, when it comes right down to it though, nothing has really changed at all. There were periods of time when the SEO was more mystery than science with certain “gurus” claiming to know secret methods for catapulting a website to the #1 ranking for a desired keyword practically overnight. Unfortunately, those who used such techniques ended up getting penalized for their dishonest tactics, such as keyword-stuffing or meta tag manipulations. Quite a few websites even got blacklisted or banned from Google and other top search engines entirely.

Underneath all of the cloak and dagger search engine optimization was a movement that began way back in the early days of the internet that relied more on relevant keywords and honest web development strategy techniques that yielded first page listings for honest and straight-forward work. Every time the “sneaky” search engine optimization gurus would get knocked off the top of the list for their devious attempts to steal the #1 listing, the simple websites that featured well-written content and relevant meta descriptions would float like cream to the top.

The Best Approach to Optimization

Today’s top SEO experts rely on the services of design and developer teams to create a more holistic approach to getting better listings. Relevant keywords and professional quality content are still highly valued and prized, as are websites that employ a compliant, accessible and easy-to-navigate web development strategy. By beginning the search engine optimization process at the very foundation of the project with the initial work being done by a website designer instead of a keyword expert, business and organization websites are able to achieve stronger and longer-lasting results for their efforts.

The basic ideas behind search engine optimization have not changed. At its core, SEO has always been about finding out what the target demographic wants and delivering it. The modern approach is more common sense than anything else, yet it gets better rankings than any of the attempts made by gurus in the past to “hack” or “dissect” the engines in order to manipulate them for their own benefit. In the end, it’s all about the content. Making sure that you are using relevant keywords, providing access to the information, product listings, service details, multimedia files and other things that your audience is seeking, is what will bring you the best overall success in SEO.

Tips for Improving Your SEO Results

Even the most humble, simple and straight-forward approach can always be improved upon with a little insight and knowledge. While there is no right and wrong way to do things as long as you are using relevant keywords, content and making good on your promises, the simple tweaks listed below may help to boost your results and increase your visibility in the search engines beyond your basic common sense approach.

  • Length – The amount of content that you have on a page can affect your listing. One theory is that more content is better, but in truth, it is important to stick within a certain amount of words per page when it comes to written content length. While some search engine optimization experts believe that the number of words should be limited by page, others have had success in adjusting word count according to the number of images used. For example, 500-750 words per page is the average recommended length for written content. In the words-per-image theory, a website could feature 1000 words with two inset images or 1500 words with three inset images and still get great results. The minimum that you should ever have on a single page is 300 words, regardless of the number of images or multimedia presented.
  • Schedule – Having fresh content added to your website on a regular basis is not just good for business, it’s also good for the search engines. If you add a new blog post every week or post four new reviews once a month, staying consistent and on a schedule can help to boost your rankings. If the Google bots identify that you are releasing new content on the 5th of the month, they will be more likely to come back every 5th of the month to see what fresh content has been posted. The same goes with weekly postings. The bots will come back every Monday, Tuesday or whatever day you regularly post to scan your site for fresh content and give you fresh listings.
  • Audience – One web development strategy involves writing relevant keywords in such a way that the search engine robot will respond, while another focuses more on writing for the reader and just allowing the relevant keywords and phrases come naturally. This natural writing approach has been proven to be an effective means of search engine optimization that is appreciated by both the reader and the engines.
  • Structure – Your entire website should be optimized for best results. Work with your website designer to ensure that your website is designed to employ your overall web development strategy for search engine optimization. Websites and web pages that employ standards compliant HTML, proper structure organization, simple navigation and multi-platform accessibility will have better rankings than sites that do not use these techniques.

Search Engine Optimization at SouthCoast Internet

Our team can help you to establish your own unique web development strategy to increase your visibility and ranking in the search engines. Through the use of custom and professionally written web content that uses relevant keywords and key phrases, along with proper web design techniques through our in-house website designer and development team, we can get your business or organization website on the right path toward proper search engine optimization. To find out more about our SEO and content production services, just call the team at 1-844-438- 9323 or email us via

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