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What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a method that is used to encrypt sensitive data that is exchanged between a web server and a browser. It prevents criminals from reading, modifying, or otherwise obtaining data that is transferred between the two systems. That data can be sensitive or personal information, such as names and addresses, social security numbers, or credit card numbers and financial credentials.

An SSL Certificate is installed on your web server by a professional website technician, such as our team here at SouthCoast Internet. Once the certificate is configured and installed correctly, you and the visitors to your website will see a green padlock symbol that will appear next to the address in the browser bar for every page of your website. This includes all major browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

However, if any portion of the installation for the SSL Certificate is done incorrectly, errors will prevent the green padlock symbol from appearing. You will continue to have a red "X" warning or "unsecured" label appear next to your website address, which can cause some visitors to immediately leave your website and possibly visit a competitor's website instead. This is why an SSL Certificate should only be installed by a knowledgeable and qualified web management professional at SouthCoast Internet.


SSL has become a very important feature for website owners, as it provides a method to safeguard personal and financial data, as well as access login credentials, as it travels across the internet between the web servers and browsers. Website owners who are focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have other reasons to install a certificate, thanks in large part to an announcement made by Google that SSL would be used as a ranking factor.

The motivation behind Google's announcement was to help make the internet a safer place. So now many website owners are now making sure that they have an SSL Certificate in place to protect their visitors and ensure that they maintain their ranking with Google.


Why You Need SSL

Ranking issues aside, there are still many advantages to having an SSL Certificate installed on your website. Safeguarding against phishing attacks, improving brand power, increasing consumer trust in your business, and domain authentication are just some of the reasons why website owners are choosing to install an SSL Certificate.

When people visit your website, you only have seconds to make a positive first impression. What do you think would look better, a red "danger" warning, an "unsecured" error message, or a safe, green padlock at the top of the page next to your web address?

If you accept online payments or require secure registrations through your website, SSL adds an extra layer of protection for you and your customers. So if you conduct business online, whether that means collecting contact information from potential customers or making online sales, you should have an SSL Certificate.

Trust SouthCoast Internet for Error-Free Certificates

The only way that a secure HTTPS connection can be established is for every single item on every page of your website to be served from a safe source. This includes all content, such as flash videos, iframes, scripts, and videos. If even one item is not from a secure source, your visitors will see an "error" message, potentially causing you to lose sales and damage your brand.

When you install an SSL Certificate through SouthCoast Internet, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians will go through your entire website and fix all SSL errors to ensure that you get that secure, green padlock. We make sure that there are no issues that could cause you to have problems with your new SSL Certificate.

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