Protect your website visitors and improve your Google ranking with an SSL

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, a standard encryption technology used to transfer data from a user’s browser to the web server. Websites use SSL encryption to prevent hackers to intercept and misuse the data users leave on a website (via checkout pages, as well as registration or contact forms). SSL largely functions using public and private encryption keys, out of which the former is used to scramble the information, while the latter decrypts it so that it could be read by someone monitoring the transmission.

On a website, the secure transfer via a standard SSL certificate is marked with https:// in front of the website URL in the address bar, as opposed to http:// that represents a standard protocol on websites that do not use SSL. When a person visits a https:// page, therefore, his or her communications, data and transactions are safe from potential information skimming or sniffing. Quite logically, this is particularly important for company and ecommerce websites that collect personal information, where the use of SSL certificates is a matter of corporate credibility.

"Today we'd like to announce that we're adjusting our indexing system to look for more HTTPS pages."

"You get a more secure and private search experience with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)"

An SSL works to protect valuable information passed between the two parties.

Look up in your web browsers URL bar... what do you see?

NOT secure


NOT secure




How this security warning will affect your business

Google (the leading search engine) has recently made an update to how it ranks websites search results.  One of those changes is ensuring that the site has an SSL. The effects of this update you may not notice right away. However, over time you will begin to see a decrease in site visits and leads. These effects combined with Google already preferring SSL encryption, will drastically drop your search rankings.

Now, even as SEO pros, we cannot guarantee what effects will be when this update happens. But our experience in the field and seeing how other Google updates have effected our sites, we know that this is going to be a big deal.

Think about the psychology of a person going to put their personal information in a form, and the browser popping up and saying “NOT SECURE.” That alone tells us that your site needs an SSL. While some visitors may continue filling out the form, many will not. You will lose leads, which means losing revenue.

Furthermore, those same people that are hesitant about filling out an insecure form, will be confident in filling out another company’s form that is secure. Don’t lose your leads to the next company!

"Google Starts Giving A Ranking Boost To Secure HTTPS/SSL Sites"

SSL Certificates are no longer a "nice to have", it is a "need to have" for website owners

  • Website visitors browser will start to show that your website is not secure
  • SSL keeps data safe from corruption during transmission
  • Website loading speed is much faster than http
  • Better ranking in Google can generate more sales leads
  • Users trust secure websites (with a green padlock) more than non-secure websites
  • Most browsers have started labeling http pages as unsecure

Order Your SSL Now

For just $299 your WordPress website will be able to accept secure payments, protect password logins and ensure that all your website traffic is safe. Once ordered we will need to configure various settings on your website. This includes (among other things) changing all references of http to https on your entire website.

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