The Best Tools to Use in Modern Web Development and Design

The Best Tools to Use in Modern Web Development and Design

web-design-toolsBusinesses and organizations that are considering hiring a pro for custom website design should think about all of the options available to them that will help to enhance their opportunities online. Discussing your goals, ideas and concerns with your designer will help them to create a professional web strategy that you can use to increase your business by boosting your traffic, sales and consumer interaction. From social media marketing to content development, search engine optimization to dynamic development and design techniques that help your website to stand out from the crowd, there are a lot of things to consider.

In recent years there have been many changes in the world of web development. Mobile design has become more popular than many thought it might ever be and consumer trust in using apps and other interactive features has become a way of life for most users. Studies show that over 90 percent of all Americans currently have cell phones, with 58 percent owning smartphones that have internet connection capabilities. This increases the online market exponentially, giving businesses new ways to reach out to target demographics and increase their bottom line.

Getting Started With Content

Before you even have your design team start building a single page you need to think about content. What type of content will you feature on your custom website design? Will you showcase products, talk about services, give your visitors a way to make purchases, provide information about your business or will you give them a way to contact you, provide feedback and interact with your online content? Depending on the type of business or organization that you run, you might even want to incorporate all of those types of content on your website – or just one or two.

Regardless of your goals, it is important to think about what you will want on your pages before you start creating pages. Space for galleries, product showcases, blog articles, service descriptions, frequently asked questions and other essential elements of strategic development and design should all be planned for when you begin plotting out your professional web strategy. Make sure to let the design company that will be handling your website development project about any elements that you want included ahead of time so that everything can be put together in the most effective way possible.

Integrate Interactive Features

Social media marketing has surely changed the way that people share information about businesses with friends and family online. A simple “share on Facebook” link can help spread the word about a new product or service that you are offering, while a link on your Facebook account to your primary website can bring fresh traffic right to your own front door. If social media marketing is already part of your current professional web strategy, make sure to include it with your brand new custom website design.

Many of today’s consumers are already “trained” to look for social media marketing and other types of sharing and interactive features on websites. Below posts on your blog make sure to include “sharing” icons that will invite visitors to share your content via email or social media websites. Other interactive features, such as commenting, consumer reviews, ratings and other action-required opportunities can also be integrated into your development and design to encourage visitors to participate in your website.

Consider Adding More Visual Content

While written content will always be important to the success of any professional web strategy, consumers are now demanding more visual content. In fact, studies have shown that websites that design with an emphasis on images sell better than images that have a higher ratio of text to visual content. There are now even social media websites, such as Instagram and Pinterest, that focus primarily on images instead of text-based postings that were once in vogue. Facebook has recently added an image gallery feature that takes multiple photos posted in a single status update and arranges them artfully for easy viewing.

Business websites are also integrating more images into their custom website design projects. Consumers respond to the increased photos of products and examples of work done by service companies. Infographics combine text with photo imagery to provide a quick and easy way to see a lot of information and understand more about a topic without having to read paragraphs of information. If you are thinking about adding more images to your new development and design project, take some time to review other sites that have done it successfully to get ideas for your own custom website design.

SouthCoast Internet Offers Professional Web Strategy Solutions

In addition to the services that we provide to our clients for website development and design, SouthCoast Internet also offers a wide variety of other professional solutions that can be used to enhance your business online. From social media marketing opportunities to mobile web design, content production to email marketing services and everything in between, our team of designers, developers, programmers and search engine optimizers can help you to create a brand new custom website design that will get results. To find out more about all of the services, options and opportunities available, give us a call at 1-844-438- 9323 or email the team at SouthCoast Internet directly via

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