Try These Top 7 Industry Solutions for Real Estate Websites

Try These Top 7 Industry Solutions for Real Estate Websites

real-estate-websitesHiring website developers that have experience working with real estate websites is a great way to get an edge over your competition. Industry solutions for real estate, such as integrated MLS search technology to help build up your listings, allow prospective buyers and sellers to interact with your website and methods that will reduce the amount of time that you spend making updates, are just some of the benefits to getting an effective and well-designed website. Fortunately there are some great ideas out there that can be applied to real estate websites that you can use to enhance your business. In this article we will talk about the top seven solutions that will benefit your bottom line the most.

#1 – Develop an Effective Plan

Before you sit down with your website developers to begin designing your brand new website, take some time to make a plan. Before you go into that first development meeting, make sure to think about the elements that you would like to include, the colors that you would like to use to establish your brand recognition in the local real estate market and anything else that is important to you. Think about what you want the website to be able to do, who you are building this website for and what you can do to make your website stand out from the thousands of other real estate websites online.

#2 – Consider Your Audience

As mentioned in the first step, it is important to think about who will be visiting your website. Will you target primarily prospective buyers who are coming to your website to view your listings via MLS search technology? Will you target your clients and give them a place to list their properties, add photos or video tours via your industry solutions for real estate? Or, will you work with your website developers to create a website that encompasses all of these things and offers property listings for clients and opportunities for prospective buyers to search through your listings to boost sales and interest?

#3 – Keep It Simple

One of the biggest problems with website design these days is that people have a tendency to want to over-complicate things. Just because there are lots of options out there that can be integrated into real estate websites to help prospective buyers find the home of their dreams and clients to sell their existing homes, doesn’t mean you should cram them all onto the home page. Giving your site visitors options is great, just make sure that your page isn’t cluttered and that your navigation is easy to follow. Resist the urge to over-complicate things and encourage your website developers to reign you in if you start adding too much.

#4 – Create a Slick Layout

When visitors come to your website, they will get an instant impression of you, your business and the way that you work. It’s not fair, but once you understand this, you can use it to your advantage. Much like the steps you take to show a house in its best possible light, you must do the same with your website. Work with your website developers to create a streamlined website design that will showcase your work, experience, abilities and property listings in a professional manner. Choose streamlined layouts, logos, color schemes and pepper your industry solutions for real estate throughout your pages where they will be most appreciated and used.

#5 – Go Mobile

Most of your site visitors are already on mobile devices, so it pays to develop a mobile website for your real estate business. Speak with your website developers about making a separate mobile option or look into responsive web design, a technique that will allow your website to adjust according to the screen size of the visitor, creating a great-looking and functional website regardless of the device that is used to view it. Many prospective buyers are using MLS search technology via mobile real estate websites to check out local listings while out driving around. Smartphones and mobile tablet devices will become more and more popular, so it’s smart for you to get with the program and make sure your site is ready for mobile traffic.

#6 – Create a Call to Action

When it comes to selling real estate, you already know that subtle is not the best way to make the sale. You need to create a call to action that will get your website visitors to do something when they visit your real estate websites. Whether your goal is to collect email addresses and contact information to share new listings with them as they come available, encourage visitors to join your listing membership program or be able to send out invites to open houses and other events, you’ve got to start somewhere. Invite visitors to click and join, follow you on social media, send you an email or sign up for your newsletter.

#7 – Go High Tech

Speak with your website developers about integrating new technologies and features into your website to add more function. The more opportunities that your visitors have to interact with your website, the more willing they will be to come out and see a property that you have listed or call you to list their home for sale. Studies show that the more a visitor participates on your website, the more engaged they become. It’s sort of a pre-qualifying behavior test that reveals which visitors are more likely to actually make a purchase and which ones are just looking.

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