Why a Software-Based ADA Solution is the Best for Businesses

Why a Software-Based ADA Solution is the Best for Businesses

Most everything in life has a positive and a negative side to it. While the bad news is that we know of several businesses in the SouthCoast area who have received letters from attorneys regarding Americans with Disabilities Act compliance issues, the good news is that we found a viable solution. When a business owner receives a letter like this that could mean fines of $50,000 or more, along with associated legal fees, it can be overwhelming. A knee jerk reaction might be just to shut it all down and avoid working online completely. However, many businesses are now growing and expanding due to the increased use of websites, whether you are selling products and services online or merely providing information that will bring customers to your brick-and-mortar store. Most industries have seen the positive benefit of having an online presence, so shutting down is not an option in this day and age. Your best bet is to find a cost-effective ADA compliance solution that will protect your website from future lawsuits while providing access to disabled persons that just might increase your bottom line.

Types of ADA Solutions

Some of the ways that business websites can become ADA compliant include manual web accessibility coding and plug-ins designed to ensure compliance. However, not all solutions are created equal. When it comes to manual coding, it can be surprisingly expensive and does not provide an ongoing solution for any future pages, posts, or content that will be added to your website. Accessibility plug-ins also fall short. While quick, easy, and cheap to install, studies show that they only provide a minimum percentage of compliance, leaving your organization still vulnerable to lawsuits. At best, they offer false hope of protection; at worst, you might be paying for a service only to find that it isn’t comprehensive enough to stand up in court.

Our team at SouthCoast Internet invested a lot of time into reading, researching, and testing a variety of programs designed to ensure ADA compliance for business websites. Plug-ins, software, and screen overlay services all promised to provide protection, but most failed to meet even the most basic standards. However, we did find one software-based ADA solution that checked all the boxes, providing cost-effective ADA compliance and the industry’s highest success rate for accessibility. It costs less than $500 a year for websites with less than 1,000 pages, protects within 48-hours of installation, and re-scans websites every 24-hours to ensure compliance for all new content going forward. Unlike screen overlay services and manual coding, this software solution offers compliance for WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508, and EAA/EN 301549 according to the most current requirements.

The Software-Based ADA Solution

There are many reasons why we have chosen to go with this software-based solution for ADA compliance at SouthCoast Internet. Unlike other screen overlay services and manual coding options, this cost-effective ADA compliance system uses contextual understanding artificial intelligence (Ai) to make adjustments to the page based on the user’s disability requirements. For example, it handles both the foreground CSS adjustments and the background requirements so users can navigate the website through assistive technology. Additional changes are made to things like icons, buttons, pop-ups, forms, and other website behaviors, so they can be effectively used by all website visitors. Elements that you might not even consider to be an issue could be a problem for some users, such as animations, color contrast ratios, cursor sizes, font colors, font sizes, and much more.

Developed side-by-side with real people who have disabilities, this software-based ADA solution is not just a quick fix or a workaround, but a powerful service that can be used to protect website owners and improve website accessibility for individuals with a wide range of disabilities. One example of its benefits is the way that it allows for automatic screen-reader adjustments for blind or visually-impaired visitors to navigate the website. Other features, such as automatic keyboard navigation adjustments and personalized design changes to improve visibility, are also very intuitive and can help to maximize the experience for prospective customers and other users. Clients who choose to use this software-based solution will receive accessibility statements and a certificate of performance, along with monthly compliance auditing, and the complete re-scan and repair of any new issues every 24-hours, according to the latest ADA standards.

Become ADA Compliant Today

If you are interested in learning more about cost-effective ADA compliance with this software-based solution, contact our team at SouthCoast Internet by calling 508-415-8648 or visit our ADA compliance page on our website. We can help you to implement this software-based ADA solution on your website for full compliance within 48-hours of installation. Don’t buy into the false hope of screen overlay services and manual coding for ADA compliance; make sure your business is truly protected from expensive lawsuits. Contact our team directly to get your website fully ADA compliant today!